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Ex-NFL Wide Receiver Travis Rudolph Arrested For Murder In South Florida

Former Florida State wide receiver Travis Rudolph has been arrested for murder after opening fire on four people and killing one.

Florida State Pro Day

Source: Don Juan Moore / Getty

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In the world of professional sports, one of the worst things to see–besides an injury–is all-stars who throw away their potential. From getting involved with the wrong crowds to letting their ego think they’re untouchable off the field, some stories have a truly tragic ending.

Travis Rudolph was an amazing wide receiver for Florida State who had some serious potential in the NFL. His football potential was short-lived, though, and until recently, Travis was playing for the Canadian football League where he played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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Now, according to TMZ, Travis has been arrested for murder, ruining the rest of his football career and personal future all at the same time.

TMZ Sports has confirmed … cops responded to a shooting in West Palm Beach shortly after midnight on Wednesday — and once they arrived, officers found a deceased male victim who had been shot.
Cops say the located another man nearby who had been struck by gunfire. He was rushed to a nearby hospital — though his current condition is unknown.

Law enforcement tells TMZ Sports … investigators believe the gunman opened fire on 4 people in total — all of whom were passengers in a vehicle together at the time of the shooting.
After a preliminary investigation, officials believe they have evidence proving Rudolph is the man who pulled the trigger.

Rudolph was arrested on Wednesday morning and booked on 1st-degree murder and attempted 1st-degree murder charges. He’s currently being held without bond as police believe they have enough evidence to prove he committed the crime. So sad to see talent thrown away over nothing.


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