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Everything Okay??? “The Real” Hosts Loni Love & Garcelle Beauvais Seemingly Spat On TV Over A FaceTime “Joke”

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Is everything going smoothly over at “The Real”??? A clip of Loni Love and Garcelle Beauvais has fans chatting after going viral because the two hosts seemed to be going at each other’s throats over the subject quarantine phone call courtesy. Apparently, Loni FaceTime Garcelle to see how she was doing when she was feeling under the weather recently, and Garcelle did not like that at all.

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“And I picked up your facetime call, so now let me just tell you: don’t you ever do that again!”

Garcelled laughed it off but the declaration seemed to put Loni in a serious mood. She quickly justified her call, shushing Jeannie who tried to jump in:

“The only people I do that for now is my best friend of 30 years, Monique, hello Monique and also Roderick. I only facetimed you that one time because I knew you were isolated and you were sick.”

Garcelle seemed to still be in a jokey mood, adding.

“Just because we are in a pandemic doesn’t mean that we’re available to everybody 24/7. I could be in the bathroom, I could be doing all kinds of things.”

Loni, shooting back seriously had a solution for Garcelle, who didn’t like her calling.

Well just don’t pick it up!

Yikes! Hit play to see it play out.


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