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Divorce Drama: #LAMH’s Martell Holt Responds To Melody’s ‘Mistress Pregnancy’ Claims

Martell Holt is issuing a response to his estranged wife’s recent claims that he’s expecting a baby with his mistress.

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As previously reported “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Holt went live on Instagram to vent to fans about her husband’s emotionally abusive actions and the embarrassment she endured over his cheating. She also alleged that he’s been begging her to reconcile despite the fact that his mistress is currently pregnant.

“As I shared with him, and he knows this, I already dealt with the tears, the depression because you publicly have embarrassed me,” said Melody. “You publicly have humiliated me. You have continued to cheat, other people calling me stupid for giving you other chances all this extra stuff and now that I’m walking away from you, you can’t handle it.

I literally just got an email at Friday at 12—let’s be together—our beautiful kids. We can start anew.’ All of that.

“I left you, I filed for divorce and you told me you had a baby on the way,” she added.”You told me you had a baby on the way and she wasn’t getting rid of it because she’s gotten rid of kids for y’all before and she wasn’t doing it this time. So why are you even bothering me. So I’m asking you now, just leave me alone.”

Martell clearly caught wind of Melody’s IG Live because he responded by saying that he’s going to “put all truths out.”

“Not ashamed…but you are,” wrote the reality star. “Don’t tell just my side, let’s tell yours too, it’s much more interesting.”

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It’s unclear when Martell plans to tell his side.

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The identity of the woman he’s allegedly expecting a baby with is also unclear. Celeb news site AllAboutTheTea reported in August however that Martell is expecting a child with his multiyear mistress, a woman named Arionne Curry. 

“A source told that “despite Arionne’s pregnancy, she and Martell are not getting along. And she’s been depressed over the pregnancy and all the drama the show (Love & Marriage: Huntsville) has brought into her life.”

Arionne previously confirmed her relationship with Martell and shook off the “low class” and “peasant” comments he made about her on national television.

Martell also went Live and apologized.

“One of the things that is continuously bothering me that I stooped low in my own conscious to call someone, a woman, a peasant. So, I’m gonna retract that. I’m gonna take that back,” he began. “Shame on me for doing such a thing. I feel that that was an all-time low for me and me being a man to say something like that. I view all women as queens. I really do.”

M E S S Y.

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No matter how hard life hits you and no matter what you may be going through, take time to appreciate life knowing that God has you and that this too shall pass.

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What do YOU think about Martell planning to tell his side in his divorce drama???


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