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Danielle Mullins to Mohamed Jbali: Say SORRY for Insulting My Genital Odor!

From the start, 90 Day: The SIngle Life hyped up the reunion of two of the franchise’s most infamous stars.

Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali had a bitter divorce years ago.

During that time, they both said cruel things that are difficult to take back.

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But now that they’re on friendly terms, Danielle wants Mohamed to at least try.

“You said the horrible things about me,” Danielle recalls to Mohamed in this sneak peek clip.

She describes “saying that no man would ever sleep with me and stuff again.”

With her friends in the room with her to back her up, Danielle confronts her ex-husband over Facetime.

“Something like that should never be said to a woman,” Danielle admonishes.

She then advises Mohamed: “I need to hear you say sorry.”

Mohamed’s first reply is a noncommittal noise, but when Danielle says that she needs to hear it, she’s not kidding.

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Tearfully, Danielle confesses to the camera that she cannot truly move on emotionally until she gets this apology.

However, she notes that Mohamed is not great at apologies and tends to blow up when confronted.

If he doesn’t apologize, Danielle warns, she will have to cut ties with him even as a friend, and will be devastated.

Say what you will about Danielle, but she knows her ex-husband.

Mohamed immediately becomes dismissive.

“It’s like you made me say this stuff,” he declares, blaming Danielle for his past comments.

“Because I was hesitant,” Mohamed says. “I don’t want to talk about this kind of stuff.”

“You started talking about it. It’s like you opened it up. …” he complains.

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“You should have just said, ‘OK, I don’t want to talk about this,’ and I would’ve never said it,” Mohamed asserts.

“Don’t drag me into any kind of drama again,” Mohamed implores Danielle.

“I’m trying to fix my life,” he notes.

“So please,” Mohamed asks, “do not bring drama into my life anymore.”

Danielle is visibly stunned by this.

This is why Lexi, one of her friends who is present to support her, steps up.

She says hello to Mohamed and gently admonishes him, noting that there is no excuse for what he said.

Mohamed does give Danielle the apology that she wants and needs.

“I’ve been through a lot,” Mohamed notes. “Of course I regret saying those things.”

He explains “because when someone gets mad, you just say anything to make the other person feel hurt.”

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“I’m not supposed to say that,” Mohamed expresses. “And I regret it.”

And the actual apology: “Sorry for saying that.”

In fact, Mohamed even continues with some kind words for Danielle.

“She is the only person that did a lot of good stuff to me, here in this country,” Mohamed observes.

“Even with all the fights, all the nasty stuff … and she’s a good person,” he praises.

“This is the truth,” Mohamed affirms. “If we put all the drama aside, I respect her as a person.”

Danielle sobs in relief, getting that cathartic moment that she desires.

“That’s the first time he’s ever said that,” she notes.

It can be quite a relief to hear the words that you’ve wanted to hear for years.

Danielle mullins to mohamed jbali say sorry for insulting my gen


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