Daily Horoscope: April 23, 2021

The moon in Virgo connects with Uranus at 2:57 AM, encouraging us to experiment with something new. The moon connects with sweet Venus at 3:30 AM, inspiring an affectionate atmosphere. A big energy shift takes place as warrior Mars enters cautious Cancer at 7:49 AM: We’re making strategic moves! The moon opposes Neptune at 11:10 PM, stirring up confusing feelings; take it slow and don’t over-think things.

All times ET.


Your ruling planet Mars enters water sign Cancer today, finding you energized to tackle issues concerning your home and personal life. You may be moving or renovating, or setting firm boundaries around security or privacy.

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Action planet Mars enters intuitive water sign Cancer, helping you take charge of important conversations. This is a powerful time for collecting information. The moon in Virgo inspires romance and creativity.


Warrior planet Mars enters Cancer today, revving up the financial sector of your chart. This is a powerful time to sort out issues concerning your budget and to think about how you can increase your wealth or security!


Action planet Mars enters your sign today, Cancer, bringing you a boost in energy! You may find yourself feeling more confrontational than usual. You’re cutting ties with what no longer serves you.


You may find yourself feeling more restless at night or having intense dreams as Mars moves through psychic water sign Cancer over the next few weeks. Keep your plans flexible. You’re processing deep emotions!


The moon is in your sign today, helping you connect with your emotional needs. Action planet Mars enters Cancer, igniting the sector of your chart that rules your social life and finding you eager to connect with groups that excite you—as well as cutting ties with people you no longer want to associate with.


The moon in Virgo encourages you to slow down and rest today, but you’re also feeling an uptick in energy—especially concerning your career—as Mars enters Cancer.


Your ruling planet Mars enters fellow water sign Cancer today, finding you embarking on some exciting new journeys, perhaps traveling or diving into a course of study. The moon in Virgo also inspires you to socialize.


Your focus is on your career as the moon moves through Virgo. Action planet Mars also enters Cancer, finding you addressing issues concerning debts and taxes.


The moon in fellow earth sign Virgo finds you in a philosophical mood today. Warrior planet Mars enters your opposite sign Cancer, finding your partners in an especially active, or even confrontational, mood!


Action planet Mars enters nurturing water sign Cancer, encouraging you to dump bad habits. You’re feeling energized to tackle your to-do list. If you’re looking for a new gig, this is an exciting time to find it!


Passionate Mars enters fellow water sign Cancer, igniting the romance and creativity sector of your chart! Your focus is on relationships as the moon moves through Virgo. It’s a powerful time to connect with lovers and creative collaborators, but be mindful of the moon’s opposition with Neptune, which may inspire some confusion—take it slow!

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