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DaBaby Is Facing Backlash For IG Story Criticizing His Flight Attendant’s Hair

DaBaby is always getting himself into some interesting situations, and this time around, he’s got fans upset over just how poorly he treats the people helping him out.

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How someone treats service workers can tell you a lot about them, and unfortunately, this situation is teaching DaBaby’s followers a lot about him. The rapper took the time out of his day to upload a video onto his Instagram stories while on a plane, in which he shamed one of the flight attendants for her hairstyle.

In the short clip, which was posted a few days back, DaBaby and a group of friends are sitting on a plane as he records a flight attendant walking down the aisle while they poking fun at her appearance. The caption read, “We ain’t finna act like she ain’t just jump outta bed.”

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“We gon’ pay all that for the flight, you gon’ comb your hair,” he said to the flight attendant. “That’s the least you can do. Bottom line.”

Once this clip started to get reposted to different social media platforms, fans proceeded to call out the rapper, with a lot of folks defending the woman, saying she was just trying to do her job. Plus, the guy sitting next to DaBaby has an….interesting hairstyle himself, which just provides even more proof that they shouldn’t be talking.

Check out some tweets from disappointed fans down below:


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