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City Boys Beef: Yung Miami’s Baby Father Southside THREATENED To Punch JT’s Boo Lil Uzi Vert’s Teeth Out!

Can’t we all just get along???

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There appears to be some real beef brewing between the City Girls’ boyfriends Southside and Lil Uzi Vert even though the ladies are trying to cover it up, REAL threats from Yung Miami aka Caresha’s boo made to Lil Uzi Vert have now gone viral.

It’s unclear how the beef started behind the scenes, but Lil Uzi attempted to settle it at the wrong time, at the wrong place, while saying all the wrong things last night. While on Instagram live with girlfriend JT of The City Girls, (and appearing intoxicated) Uzi went spoke with Yung Miami, and oddly begin to berate the star under the guise of “squashing beef.”

“It ain’t even about that though, you know me. I ain’t ever got to see you just like you ain’t never got to see me.”

Fans of the rappers were confused by the tense exchange but did notice how uncomfortable Caresha was on the other end of the conversation in the comments. Not only that, his baby daddy had A LOT to say to Uzi just minutes after the conversation went down. Hit play to hear it below.

Southside jumped on live immediately after Uzi seeming made Caresha uncomfortable, yelling out threats:

“I’mma say this one time. Ay, Uzi, don’t address none to my b*tch, my n*gga,” Southside said in a video shared online. “You handle your b*tch, n*gga, you stay on your side! You got one more time to say somethin’,!”

He continued, promising he was going to knock out Uzi’s teeth.

“I promise you I’mma punch your teeth out your mouth. Don’t say nothin’ else, n***a… If you don’t like my b****, don’t like my b****. Let them do them… Stay the little weirdo you is, keep rockin’ purses, keep doin’ that b**** sh*t you doin’.”


Since the exchange, JT and Caresha tried to rectify things for fans, with JT claiming that Uzi was “joking.” Caresha backed her up, tweeting that she was dancing right after the livestream in an attempt to show she was unphased by the weird conversation. Southside, however, has not taken back any of his threats to Uzi.

Do YOU think all of this City Boys beef can be resolved?


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