Chris Evans Uses Thirst Over Accidentally-Shared Photos Of His Winter Soldier To Promote Voting, Talks To Tamron Hall

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In the eyes of many, Chris Evans can do no wrong. He’s Captain America, he’s woke, he’s charming, he’s got “America’s a$$”, and recently, he shared that a$$ and MUCH more when he accidentally shared a screenshot of his phone’s camera roll on his verified Instagram account.

After a day of silence about the presumably embarrassing incident, Chris’s brother Scott hit Twitter to poke fun at his lil’ bro’s girthy gaffe. Then last night, Chris hit send on the following tweet that appears to be an attempt to use his peen power to push the pensive proletariat to the polls.

If you haven’t seen the photo then we will not be the ones showing it to you, however, you gain perspective on the…quality of the image based on the EPIC thirst that is currently taking place in his Twitter mentions. Just look at some of the A-list names who are…open to Chris’s message.

Jamie Lee Curtis!

The Avengers react. Black Widow seems particularly impressed with Cap’s weapon.

People are ridiculous.


Everything is funny.

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Then, to top it all off, in a case of sheer serendipity, Tamron Hall already had Chris Evans on the schedule this week for her show and if you thought she was gonna shy away from ele-phallus in the room then you are sadly mistaken!

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