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#BlackOutDay2020 Here’s How To Support The Movement & Black Businesses

“Money talks, let’s speak the language”

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What will you be doing on #BLACKOUTDAY2020 July 7th, 2020? Only 21 days till we shake up the world!!! #TheBlackoutCoalition @theblackoutcoalition #unity

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There is power in the Black dollar and there’s never been a time to make that abundantly more clear than on #BlackOutDay2020.

Started by social media personality/activist Calvin Martyr, Black Out Day is the day when black people are urged to NOT SPEND A DIME to prove our economic power. If you absolutely have to spend money today, you are encouraged to only SUPPORT A BLACK BUSINESS during this economic boycott.

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Show your support by reposting and tagging #blackoutday2020 and @theblackoutcoalition !! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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Martyr says the day is meant to put companies, politicians, and businesses on notice that if they don’t end institutionally racist policies and practices that have led to the deaths and marginalization of Black Americans than they will NOT be supported, reports CNN. It came to fruition in the light of Ahmaud Arbery’s death at the hands of white racists.

“If we get enough Black people, all Black people, if we can unite like they did in Montgomery Alabama when not one single Black person rode a bus—that right there is what caused the civil rights legislation to come because they touched them pockets,” said Martyr about #BlackOutDay2020. “If we can do it for one day it would shut the whole system down. I guarantee you we’ll get change, the only time we gonna get change is when they fear to hurt us like we fear hurting them.”

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❗SHARE THIS MESSAGE❗It’s simple, I’m just asking for all black people to unite for ONE DAY…and then let’s see what happens. July 7th!!! Visit or click the link in bio 🤷🏾‍♂️ #BLACKOUTDAY2020 #unity #black #blackpeople

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NewsOne adds that if effective, #BlackOutDay2020 will surely show that black buying power is a formidable force noting that black consumers spend more than $1 trillion a year. NO adds that #BlackOutDay2020 also includes demands regarding America’s unquestionable history of systemic racism.

Organizers are asking for the following: “that we stop being shot down in the streets;” “that racist legislation be purged from the books, and the cancerous ideology that this country was founded upon be rooted out; “that we have equal opportunity to access funding so that we can conduct business and practice group economics amongst ourselves;” “that we are allowed to build our own communities and industries and be left alone; “that you stop murdering our leaders when they attempt to unite us as a people.”

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The day is being supported by Black sororities and fraternities…

as well as celebs including T.I., Porsha Williams, and more.

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Our parent company Urban One is also supporting the cause.

Black Out Day

Source: Black Out Day 2020 / Urban One Inc.

If you’re itching to do some shopping, you can check out our list of “Best In Black” that includes skincare, home goods, clothing, and more. We also have a list of 15 Black-owned fashion brands to support. 


We’re keeping our BOSSIP bucks in our wallets, today unless it’s for black business—-are you supporting #BlackOutDay2020 too?

Black Out Day

Source: #BlackOutDay2020 / #BlackOutDay


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