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“Behind Every Man” Exclusive: Wyclef’s Wife Claudinette Reveals How His Career Almost Cost Them Their Marriage [VIDEO]

Have you guys been watching OWN’s docuseries “Behind Every Man?”


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This week’s upcoming episode focuses on The Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean’s relationship with his wife Claudinette. We’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure. In this clip from Saturday night’s episode of “Behind Every Man” Wyclef Jean’s wife Claudinette describes feeling like she was in the way when Clef was struggling to get his career with the Fugees to take off. Check out the clip below

Wow — she says she left! She actually walked away. This couple has been together for DECADES. Their marriage has truly lasted the test of time. Do you think the marriage would have survived if Wyclef had never found musical success?

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“Behind Every Man” airs this Saturday, November 28th at 10pm on OWN.

Will you be watching?


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