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Barron Trump’s private school will not be doing full-time in-person classes this fall

President Trump arrives to the White House

We only comment on Barron Trump occasionally, because while everyone in and around the Trump administration can burn in hell – and that includes Trump’s large adult children – Barron is fine and he’s just a kid. I generally feel like “let Barron do whatever he wants, and let him be a kid.” Let him wear cute t-shirts. Let him stay far away from his unhinged father. He’s not a politician or a political prop, even if his parents are happy to use him that way. Speaking of, you know how Donald Trump wants every parent to send their kids to school this fall and he’s threatening to, like, open schools by force? Well, funny story. Barron’s private school is not doing a full reopen this fall:

Despite President Donald Trump’s push to have schools reopen their classrooms in the fall, his son Barron Trump won’t be sitting in class full-time anytime soon. The private St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Maryland — which the 14-year-old began attending after moving to Washington, D.C. — announced this week that while a final decision has yet to be made, it is planning not to fully reopen its campus in the fall because of novel coronavirus concerns. The school shut down and switched to online learning in the spring.

In a letter to parents this week, St. Andrew’s said it is preparing either to continue with online classes or to implement a hybrid plan for the next school year, which would use both e-learning and in-person classes by allowing groups of its students to return to campus in cycles, along with social distancing.

“We are hopeful that public health conditions will support our implementation of the hybrid model in the fall,” the school’s letter says. The school also told parents that it is “continuing to pay close attention to current guidance from state and county health officials, as well as the CDC, as the health status of our region evolves.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that kids 17 or younger make up about 6 percent of confirmed U.S. coronavirus cases — though that age range also makes up only about 0.2 percent (or 228 children) of all deaths, according to the Associated Press. However, it remains unclear how easily children may spread the virus to other groups.

The president told reporters Wednesday that he would be “comfortable” with sending Barron and his grandchildren back to school, while the COVID-19 respiratory illness continues to impact the United States and the world. “I would like to see the schools open, 100 percent,” the president, 74, said. “And we’ll do it safely. We’ll do it carefully.”

On Thursday, however, he softened that stance and agreed that schools in areas with spiking coronavirus may need to delay their in-person classes — but he reiterated that “every district should be actively making preparations to reopen,” or they should not receive billions in coronavirus aid from the federal government.

[From People]
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The fact that Trump’s youngest child will be doing a lot of remote-learning this fall despite Trump’s efforts and threats, well… props to all of the schools for not listening to the Orange One, even if those schools are educating Trump kids. The thing is, Barron IS going to a private school. His entire education has been private. Private schools, for the most part, are not under threat by the Trump administration because they’re not funded by the taxpayer in a technical sense. What about all of the public-school kids whose schools might not open, and what about the kids who don’t have a lot of access to remote learning? This fall is going to be awful.

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President Trumps Return from Mar-a-Lago
President Trump arrives to the White House
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