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Bank Suing “Straight Outta Compton’s” Jason Mitchell Over Unpaid $70K Loan & Credit Card Bill Asks For Default Judgment (Exclusive)

Jason Mitchell

Source: Splash / Splash News

A Texas bank has asked a judge to find former “The Chi” actor Jason Mitchell liable for a $60,000 on an unpaid loan and $11,400 credit card bill after the thespian failed to respond to the case.

Comerica Bank sued Mitchell and his company “BlackUnicorn Inc” back in February for breach of contract and more, accusing the 33-year-old of failing to pay back a $60,000 promissory note. The bank said that back in 2016, it made a deal with BlackUnicorn to advance the $60,000, plus 6.75 percent interest, in exchange for monthly payments. Comerica also issued a credit card to Mitchell with a $10,000 limit.

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Then, about a year ago, the bank said Mitchell and BlackUnicorn stopped making payments on both the credit card bill and the promissory note payments altogether.

Jason Mitchell Mugshot

Source: Harrison County Jail / Harrison County Jail

The bank said Mitchell owes $59,268 on the loan, plus $3,149 in interest and $145 in late fees, Comerica’s complaint states. It also accused Mitchell of blowing through his $10,000 line of credit on the bank card to $11,405.

Comerica contends that Mitchell, 33, has not responded to the case, even though the bank said it served him back in March. The bank wants the money back, plus interest and attorney fees.

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Mitchell has struggled both personally and professionally this year. He was fired from his starring role on “The Chi” after women accused him of bombarding them with unwanted sexual advances. He has struggled to find work on TV and film since.

Then in April, sheriffs officers in Mississippi allegedly found him with guns, marijuana and ecstasy, according to court records obtained by BOSSIP. He’s due back in court on the case later this summer, according to court records.

No lawyer was listed as representing Mitchell in the case.


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