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Ashley Martson and Jay Smith: Here’s How We Fixed Our Marriage!

Back in March, Ashley Martson and Jay Smith got back together and even spoke about the idea of having a baby together.

90 Day Fiance fans continue to watch their story unfold with fascination.

Now, Ashley says, she and Jay are taking steps to cement their newfound commitment to each other.

Originally, they married in 2018, but so much has happened between them (and others) since then.

It’s time for a fresh start.

It’s time for renewed vows … and brand new rings.


2. It started off so happily

Ashley martson and jay smith wedding photo
Ashley was in Jamaica when she met Jay. He was tall, hot, and in the club with her.

3. They were 13 years apart

Ashley and jay in black and white
But Ashley didn’t know that at first. She met this tall man in a club and had no idea that he was a teenager until she had to get his documents from his mother as they made plans for their wedding and his K-1 visa.

5. Then, Jay cheated

Ashley martson is done with jay smith
Jay downloaded Tinder almost immediately after their wedding. It was just a few days later that Ashley caught him video chatting with a high school girl. Yes, they were both adults (and just a few years apart), but … Ashley was furious.

6. Ashley decided to let it go

Ashley martson and jay smith 90 day fiance tell all special
Despite some understandable anger on her part, Ashley declared at the Tell All that she was giving Jay another chance — since he’d been caught before he could meet up with the girl, he hadn’t physically cheated.

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