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Amy Roloff Fights Off Illness, Celebrates Birthday with Chris Marek

Well, it’s official:

Amy Roloff REALLY likes Chris Marek!

The Little People, Big World star recently shared a number of photos on Instagram of her and her long-time boyfriend, both glowing and each adorable as they celebrate Marek’s birthday.

The celebration was a few days late, however, due to Amy feelings VERY under the weather.

We’ll let her explain via the photo montage below…

1. Me and My Man!

Me and my man
Amy shared this sweet selfie of Chris on the occasion of his birthday. The two sure look smitten, don’t they?

2. The Proud Birthday Boy

The proud birthday boy
Rocking a Happy Birthday sash, Chris looks psyched to have spent time with Amy in celebration of his big day.

3. What’s in the Box, Man?!?

Whats in the box man
Chris reads his card here and gets ready to open his present from Amy.

4. Alcohol is in the Box

Alcohol is in the box
Elijah Craig? Good choice, Amy. Looks like these two have a fun night in their future!

5. The Celebratory Meal

The celebratory meal
Did Amy cook Chris his birthday dessert? We don’t know. But it looks yummy!

6. With Good Pals

With good pals
Amy and Chris were joined by friends in Lake Oswego for the fun date and celebration.

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