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90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Yazan Tells Brittany that His Family Might Kill Him

It’s over! Mostly.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 has come to a close except for the Tell All special.

On this season finale, a lot of uncertain relationships got some closure.

Others? Not so much.

While a lot may have changed since these seasons ended, let’s take a look at how each couple ended the season.

Brittany and Yazan realized that they may have to change their whole plan in order to keep Yazan safe.

Ariela has a truly miserable day, and Biniyam had a lot to say about it.

Kenneth and Armando finally got some good news after ages of pandemic lockdown.

Deavan and Jihoon had their second wedding, but that was not the end.

Serious content warning for suicide threats in Jenny and Sumit’s story, because Sumit’s parents will do or say anything to control their son.

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We cannot wait to see all of this hash out between couples — and exes — at the Tell All!

1. Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira

Brittany banks meets up with yazan abo horira
Brittany and Yazan meet up with Adam (one of the best translators that this show has ever seen) to talk after Brittany’s eye-opening heart-to-heart with Obaida, Yazan’s brother, who revealed to her that some of their extended family are spreading malicious rumors about her and have made real, literal threats against Yazan’s life.

3. “They might kill me”

Yazan abo horira they might kill me
Yazan explains that his extended ethnic group, not just his family, might meet and essentially have a hearing on whether the malicious rumors about Yazan and Brittany are true. Yazan acknowledges that they might want to kill Yazan or at least disown him.

4. That’s a lot to take in

Brittany banks stunned reaction to yazan abo horira
Brittany is deeply worried about Yazan, she NEVER wanted him to take on this kind of burden (especially without telling her), and her mind is scrambling for solutions.

5. They meet up again

Yazan abo horira to brittany banks what are you thinking
Yazan wants to know what Brittany is thinking, and she tells him that given that he has gotten himself into danger with his wacko relatives, maybe the best option would be to change their plans from The Other Way to OG 90 Day Fiance — that is, get a K-1 visa and bring Yazan to the US. It’s not that Brittany is ready to marry him right away, but she says that she could be soon, and this sounds much safer.
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6. Yazan is hesitant

Yazan abo horira going to america is not a dream for me
We know that there are sections of the 90 Day Fiance viewing audience that think that all that non-Americans want in life is a green card, but the reality is that not everyone wants to live in the US. Yazan does want a Western lifestyle, clearly, but he says that he’s never thought about moving to the US and he doesn’t really know the country.

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