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90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Deavan Clegg Can’t Live Like This!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way gave the endless Brittany and Yazan drama a break for the week while we focused on other couples.

These all have drama of their own, in part because there are few experiences more stressful than moving.

No one knows that better than Deavan Clegg, who arrived in Korea only to find that Jihoon’s “apartment” is a nightmare as his lies come home to roost.

She is not the only one with a rude awakening.

Arielle finds that vacationing in Ethiopia is very different than preparing to give birth there … and the rental that Biniyam has found is not going to cut it.

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Armando says goodbye to family, Tim goes to therapy, and Jenny asks Sumit if she can actually see his divorce papers.

1. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

Deavan clegg despairs
As viewers remember from last week’s The Other Way, Deavan arrived with her two small children and her mom to the new apartment that Jihoon had prepared for her. It doesn’t even have a living room, and it’s not in a good neighborhood.

3. Deavan was in shock

Deavan clegg is in shock
This new apartment is not suitable and, based upon the information that Jihoon has been feeding her, she doesn’t understand why this apartment is so barebones.

4. She’s not the only one

Jihoon lees dad this is really sad
Seeing just the outside, Jihoon’s dad acknowledged how “sad” the place was.

5. On this, the mothers agree

Jihoon lees mom i was like what is this
Deavan and Jihoon’s respective mothers are fairly different people, but they both cringed at the apartment that Jihoon secured.

6. They had to have a difficult conversation

Deavan clegg and jihoon lee have a difficult talk
This was not what Deavan was expecting, at all. She was SO tired after getting off of her lengthy flight with two small children, so seeing the apartment (after a stressful 1-hour ride) was like a blow to the gut.
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