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90 Day Fiance Recap: Are Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva Gonna Get Married Anyway?

90 Day Fiance is nearing the end of Season 8.

On Episode 16, wedding bells were in the air … but though some fan-favorites got married, not everyone made it down the aisle.

Natalie had fled Mike’s house in tears, but had to turn back around and speak to the man who called off their wedding.

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Rebecca has a last-minute wardrobe disaster as she and Zied prepare to marry.

Jovi does some last minute shopping in Vegas — for a tux and for wedding bands.

It’s Tarik and Hazel’s wedding day, and they have the cutest flower girl and a perfect officiant.

And Julia has a lot of feelings before her wedding. Can Brandon reassure her before they walk down the aisle?

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1. Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie mordovtseva me and tamara are staying in motel tonight
On what was supposed to be the night of her wedding day, Natalie and the oh-so helpful neighbor Tamara instead headed to Seattle to spend the night at a hotel (on Mike’s card, at least) before flying out to France. Natalie has just two days before her K-1 visa runs out and her stay ceases to be on legal terms. Despite the pandemic, she has no choice but to go home.

2. It’s a scary prospect

Natalie mordovtseva borders are close

3. Meanwhile, in Sequim …

Mike youngquist her damn slippers
Mike kicks Natalie’s fuzzy pink slippers that, in her tear-soaked and rushed packing, she did not bring with her. He’s not having a great day, but he’s also the architect of his own misery, so it’s impossible to pity him.

4. So why did he call it off?

Mike youngquist i just feel like everythings so rushed
After spending literally years in the relationship and having had three months … he felt like they were “rushing” into marriage. Hey, maybe he’s right! But who started the K-1 visa process, Mike? That was you, my guy.

6. The best laid plans …

Natalie mordovtseva because its in mikes name
In Seattle, Natalie and Tamara are denied check-in at the hotel because [checks notes] basically no reputable hotel on the planet will let you check into your room on someone else’s credit card. For all that they know, you just found it on the street. You CAN pay for someone else’s hotel stay, but you can’t just give them your card like you might to get them to buy you some groceries.

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