90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Is Andrei Castravet Going To Beat Up Charlie Potthast in Moldova?

Last week, the world finally learned why, in his own words, Andrei Castravet had to leave Moldova.

But this season, he has been back in his own country.

Things have been turbulent, but everything has led up to this moment — his wedding to Elizabeth.

Things are going so well until Charlie, once again drunk, tries to ruin the day.

Will Andrei let him get away with it, or has he finally had enough?

Below, we have included a clip of this explosive drama.

Plus, Kalani and Asuelu’s families meet to talk, Angela marries Michael, and Colt is rethinking is life.

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Paul and Karine leave for Brazil and Larissa goes in for surgery. Season 5, Episode 14 was a doozy!

1. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Asuelu pulaa things were being better after we went to the thera
Asuelu is the first to admit that, despite his earlier misgivings, going to couples counseling has been a boon to their rocky marriage.

2. But now, mom has come to visit

Asuelu pulaa mom wheres kalani and the kids
Asuelu picks up his mom and one of his sisters and takes them to their hotel. His other sister, Tammy — the one who previously lunged at Kalani — is not there. Rose is nice. Asuelu’s mom … is Asuelu’s mom.

4. Her complaint is not surprising

Asuelu pulaa mom she didnt want to send money
Again, we can recognize cultural differences playing a role while also pointing out that some traditions are toxic. The cycle of paying vast sums to your elders until you qualify as an elder is a pyramid scheme and the losers are all young people — and any elders who don’t have kids.

5. Asuelu has a problem with his mother’s words

Asuelu pulaa you dont love our kids your grandkids
Remember, the episode two weeks ago showed Lesina say “I don’t care about the kids,” disregarding her own grandchildren. Sickening.

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