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2 Chainz Shares His (Too) High Tales With JAY-Z’s Cannabis Company MONOGRAM [Video]

2 Chainz joins MONOGRAM for a special edition of (Too) HIGH TALES, because sometimes, you just get too high.

2chainz MONOGRAM High Tales

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JAY-Z’s cannabis company MONOGRAM has been pushing the envelope of the cannabis world since they announced the rapper-turned-entrepreneur’s involvement. Instead of just focusing on pushing products like most brands, they have made a point of giving back to the community they take profits from along the way.

Most recently, MONOGRAM launched a new campaign challenging drug policies nationwide, which could be a game-changer for the entire marijuana industry. With this campaign, MONOGRAM has purchased several billboards in various cities and also released visual content with people impacted by the out-of-date laws telling their stories.

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Another initiative MONOGRAM provides to all smokers is its digital web series, HIGH TALES. The web series lets you hear from your favorite celebrities and cannabis lovers as they tell some of their most infamous stories, which–of course–happened while they were high. The series is relatable to every smoker and quickly became a gem in the world of online content.

In past episodes, we’ve heard from stars like Tinashe, N.O.R.E, and Jadakiss. Now, 2 Chainz is joining the club for the latest episode–but he gets so high with N.O.R.E, that the name had to be changed to (TOO) HIGH TALES. Check it out for yourself down below:

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