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19-Year-Old Influencer Quen Blackwell Reveals She Lives With Diplo…And The Response Is Not So Positive

Diplo has issued a response following concern from fans over his relationship with a social media star who is more than 20 years his junior.

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Earlier this week, Quen Blackwell, a 19-year-old TikTok star revealed in one of her videos that she’s living with the 41-year-old DJ. This came after fans commented asking if she ever gets noise complaints as she makes her videos for the internet, which is when she revealed that she’s living with Diplo, calling him “supportive” of her content creation.

After that, an old (now-deleted) tweet from the DJ got uncovered, which features him talking about his affinity for sleeping with girls born in the 1990’s…from back in 2010. Do the math, and that’s a 31-year-old Diplo sleeping with a girl who is anywhere from 10-20 years old. In a lot of cases, that’s not only creepy, but illegal.

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Fast forward a few days later, and Quen finally had enough of the backlash her living situation was causing, which led to her issuing a statement. She assures her followers that her relationship with Diplo is platonic, saying her and her parents trust the DJ and he’s helped her a lot since she moved to Los Angeles. She also says she’d “rather break both of my legs and be force to walk than pursue diplo romantically and he’d rather choke.”

After finally deleting his tweet about girls born in the 90’s, Diplo also responded to the backlash, saying he rents one of his properties to Quen Blackwell. According to the DJ, there’s nothing but a friendship there, though he sees how fans could have gotten a different message from her posts about their relationship.

When asked why a 41-year-old would be friends with a teenager, Diplo says the two of them made music together.

While this friendship definitely caught a lot of people off-guard, both parties claim there’s nothing suspect going on here.

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