3 hours ago

    Turkey has agreed to a ceasefire in Syria, but key questions remain unanswered

    The deal calls for a five-day pause in fighting between Turkish and Kurdish fighters and puts at least a temporary…
    4 hours ago

    Ignored and Ignited: Seniors feel ‘invisible’ in federal election

    Canadian seniors tell Global National Correspondent Mike Armstrong that they feel ignored by political parties during this federal election. Read…
    5 hours ago

    Should party with most seats get first crack at forming government? Here’s how minorities work

    Tories say the party with the most seats should get to try forming government — but that’s not how things…
    6 hours ago

    NDP Brampton-Centre candidate apologizes for offensive tweet from 2012

    “I deeply regret the hurtful and wrong comment I made on social media … I apologize unequivocally,” Jordan Boswell said…
    7 hours ago

    Talk of a coalition government ‘premature’, Green leader argues

    Elizabeth May says talk of a coalition government is “meaningless” in Canada’s first-past-the-post system. Read More Source
    8 hours ago

    Scheer says Trudeau and the Liberals want to decriminalize drugs. Is that true?

    Trudeau, whose government legalized recreational cannabis, threw cold water on the notion that he wanted to decriminalize drugs in an…
    8 hours ago

    Liberals defend Chinese Facebook ads on Andrew Scheer’s gun policy

    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said his party’s use of Facebook ads do not feature misleading information on Conservative leader Andrew…
    9 hours ago

    Despite legal change, transgender Canadians still seeing ‘deadnames’ on voter cards

    Deadnaming transgender and non-binary Canadians not only creates a barrier when accessing basic services, one trans woman says — it…
    9 hours ago

    The disability tax credit was an explosive issue for Liberals. Will the next government fix it?

    Experts and health advocates are “disappointed” in what they’ve heard about the disability tax credit in the election campaign. Read…
    9 hours ago

    Corey Feldman celebrates new California child sex abuse law

    “I’m so incredibly elated, grateful & excited beyond imagination, thank u @GavinNewsom,” Corey Feldman tweeted. Read More Source
    10 hours ago

    NBA-China controversy comes to Vancouver, protest planned at preseason game

    Protesters say they are planning to raise signs and chant slogans in support of Hong Kong before the end of…
    10 hours ago

    Fate of N.B. clinic speaks to unfinished fight for abortion access in Atlantic Canada

    More than 30 years after the 1988 Morgentaler Supreme Court decision struck down laws restricting abortion in Canada, advocates say…
    11 hours ago

    Carbon tax will be history by January if Tories get majority, Scheer vows

    The Tory leader promised he’ll do whatever it takes to turn his marquee pledge to repeal the carbon tax into…
    12 hours ago

    COMMENTARY: A letter to the ‘undecideds’ — just get out and vote

    Just get out and vote, Ryan Jespersen says. ‘If you don’t vote, your reality is being written for you.’ Read…
    13 hours ago

    NDP would ‘encourage’ provinces to improve delivery of health care, Singh says

    The NDP leader said the federal government does “have the power to be persuasive” and could urge that increased investments…
    13 hours ago

    Trudeau won’t say if Liberal campaign asked Obama for endorsement

    “I was obviously happy to hear his words yesterday, but nobody tells Barack Obama what he should do,” Liberal Leader…
    14 hours ago

    Chaos in Hong Kong legislature as protesters force leader to end speech

    Carrie Lam was forced to abandon an annual policy address in the chamber, later delivering it by television. Read More…
    15 hours ago

    Who said it better? This bot writes speeches based on election slogans

    Global News used a cutting-edge AI to write speeches based on each party’s election slogan — and the results are…
    16 hours ago

    Trudeau stays in Quebec while Scheer, Singh, May scatter as election day nears

    After spending Wednesday wooing voters in Quebec, the leaders of the three biggest parties are separating. Read More Source
    16 hours ago

    Key figure in Trump impeachment probe set to testify on text messages about Ukraine

    Trump blocked his appearance last week, but Democrats promptly subpoenaed Sondland. Read More Source
    17 hours ago

    Generation Z: What Canada’s youngest voters are worried about

    Young people from Generation Z are keen to be heard in the federal election — whether or not they’re old…
    19 hours ago

    Canadians mostly seeing negative news, posts during federal campaign: Ipsos poll

    Experts say fear can be a powerful motivator for voters — but it can also backfire. Read More Source
    24 hours ago

    Trump impeachment moves forward as Senate talks trial, former Pompeo aide testifies

    Michael McKinley, a career foreign service officer and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s de facto chief of staff, told investigators…
    1 day ago

    Jody Wilson-Raybould says independent candidacy offers ‘opportunity’

    There’s no party machine to support her and Wilson-Raybould is up against a full slate of opponents in Vancouver-Granville. Read…
    1 day ago

    Vancouver mayor says Scheer government would be ‘worse than Stephen Harper’

    Kennedy Stewart said a Scheer government would be “a disaster for the city” when it comes to issues like transit,…
    1 day ago

    Green Leader Elizabeth May predicts Canadians will elect a minority government

    May warns against electing a majority Liberal or Conservative government, saying neither party is truly committed to climate action. Read…
    1 day ago

    Trump says U.S. has no stake in Syria because ‘we’re 7,000 miles away’

    Condemnation of his stance was quick and severe, not only from Democrats but from Republicans who have been staunch Trump…
    1 day ago

    Bloc leader talks projects the party would block, focuses attacks on Tory policies

    Yves-François Blanchet is already touting the gains the Bloc Québécois would seek for Quebec ⁠— and the projects it would…
    1 day ago

    Liberals post video of Scheer sitting during ‘O Canada’; Tory leader says they politicized anthem

    Andrew Scheer alleged that the Liberals used Canada’s national anthem for a “political statement” when asked why he had remained…
    1 day ago

    Conservative platform gets a failing grade, Liberal’s barely passes on poverty and health: report

    Health providers analyzed the platforms of the four major political parties on issues around poverty and affordability. Read More Source



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