8 hours ago

    Winnipeg police use of force under scrutiny amid widespread police brutality protests

    Whether pulling their pistol, taser or baton, Winnipeg police officers used force on people 857 times in 2019, according to…
    14 hours ago

    Trudeau once again dodges questions over action on Hong Kong, China, Huawei

    China is in the process of seizing more power in Hong Kong. Read More Source
    15 hours ago

    Team sports to gradually resume in Quebec amid coronavirus pandemic

    Quebec continues to lead the country in cases and deaths attributable to the novel coronavirus. Read More Source
    16 hours ago

    Seniors to receive special COVID-19 benefit in July: Trudeau

    Seniors who already receive benefits won’t have to apply for the special payment. Read More Source
    17 hours ago

    ‘He tries to divide us’: What Mattis, Bush and Obama said after Trump’s crackdown

    James Mattis, Trump’s former defence secretary, joined three ex-presidents in issuing rare statements backing the George Floyd protests. Read More…
    19 hours ago

    New Brunswick records first COVID-19-related death

    The death is linked to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Zone 5, the region of Campbellton, N.B. Read More Source
    19 hours ago

    COMMENTARY: On the question of Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau’s pause puzzles his critics

    Trudeau’s remarkable hang time of dead air after he was asked about President Donald Trump continues to resonate, Mike Smyth…
    1 day ago

    Green Party to likely hold virtual leadership convention amid coronavirus, May says

    There are seven people conditionally approved to run in the race, which passed its first deadline Wednesday when the party…
    1 day ago

    Former U.S. defence chief condemns Trump’s response to anti-racism protests

    Mattis took particular issue with the use of force to move back protesters so Trump could visit St. John’s Church…
    1 day ago

    Military returning to work amid readiness concerns as coronavirus stretches on

    Roughly 85 per cent of members of the military were ordered into isolation in April amid coronavirus fears. Read More…
    1 day ago

    U.S. defence chief opposed to using military amid protests, calls off standby troops

    Defence Secretary Mark Esper said the Insurrection Act should be invoked in the United States “only in the most urgent…
    1 day ago

    White House compares Trump’s church visit to Winston Churchill in Second World War

    Churchill, who is the former prime minister of the U.K., often watched the bombing raids from rooftops and he made…
    2 days ago

    ‘We are not better than the U.S.’: Experts slam premiers’ comments on racism in Canada

    Ontario and Quebec’s premiers are facing backlash for remarks they made this week amid growing Black Lives Matter protests globally.…
    2 days ago

    Tories continue push for apology over minister’s WeChat group post funding lawsuit

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week called the post “unacceptable.” Read More Source
    2 days ago

    Trudeau government gets failing grade on delivery of MMIWG action plan: advocacy group

    It found little has been done to address the inquiry’s 231 calls for justice in the last 12 months, and…
    2 days ago

    Trudeau’s ‘pretty words’ on racism not enough amid Trump’s rhetoric, Singh says

    U.S., Canada, others see protests after yet another Black American man died at the hands of police. Read More Source
    2 days ago

    Coronavirus: Trudeau to make case for co-ordinated world recovery plan

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will continue today to make the case for a co-ordinated global response to cushion the economic…
    2 days ago

    Trump claims ‘domination’ after police crack down on George Floyd protesters in D.C.

    The violent dispersal of peaceful protests near the White House the night before was a potent symbol of Trump’s policing…
    3 days ago

    ‘Many questions’ after report that WHO praised China to get COVID-19 data: Trudeau

    WHO has faced criticism for its public praise of China’s early coronavirus response. Read More Source
    3 days ago

    Newfoundland and Labrador Liberals set August date to elect new leader, premier

    The Liberal party of Newfoundland and Labrador says its leadership race will officially restart on June 8. Read More Source
    3 days ago

    Remote voting amid coronavirus can be done securely: House of Commons Speaker

    Anthony Rota says he’s comfortable the technology is in place to safely allow MPs to vote remotely during hybrid Parliament…
    3 days ago

    Trudeau stays silent on Trump’s behaviour as George Floyd protests spread

    Neither of Canada’s top two leaders mentioned Donald Trump by name Tuesday when asked to comment on his actions amid…
    3 days ago

    Fight fake news linking 5G with coronavirus, European Union members urge

    Telecom groups say 5G fake news contributed to more than 140 cases of phone pole arson, assaults. Read More Source
    3 days ago

    Feds continue to bolster PPE supply as COVID-19 pandemic continues

    Canada is in the market for hundreds of millions of pieces of equipment, including gowns, gloves, masks, face shields and…
    3 days ago

    Joint federal-provincial inquiry into N.S. mass shooting a good option: top expert

    Calls for a public inquiry have come from opposition politicians, from Dalhousie University law professors and from victims’ relatives. Read…
    3 days ago

    COMMENTARY: As crisis grips Canada, expect yesterday’s crazy to become tomorrow’s innovation

    A four-day workweek? How about nationalized long-term care homes? As the events of 2020 continue, you may hear more about…
    3 days ago

    U.S. considers welcoming Hong Kong residents as China’s security bill threatens freedoms

    U.K. considering path to citizenship for 3 million Hong Kong residents as China cracks down. Read More Source
    3 days ago

    Experts split on whether U.S. military use during George Floyd protests is lawful

    Some legal experts say the president does indeed have the authority under the Insurrection Act of 1807 to dispatch the…
    3 days ago

    China frustrated WHO by delaying coronavirus info, despite public praise: sources

    Despite the plaudits from the World Health Organization, China sat on releasing the genetic map, or genome, of the virus…
    3 days ago

    Religious leaders ‘outraged’ over Trump photo op at D.C. church amid George Floyd protests

    Prominent politicians also denounced the act, which followed police clearing away protesters with tear gas and flash bangs. Read More…


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