6 mins ago

      Ian Paisley holiday ‘funded by Maldives government minister’

      A “long-term friend” who paid for the DUP MP’s holiday was a figure in the Maldives cabinet, it is alleged.…
      6 mins ago

      Gatt 24: Would obscure trade rule help with no-deal Brexit?

      Does a trade law exist that would allow the UK to continue without tariffs for 10 years? Read More  …
      5 hours ago

      Brexit: Where do candidates stand?

      Reality Check looks at the Brexit plans of the candidates to be the next Tory leader. Read More   Source
      5 hours ago

      Brexit: Business group to consider backstop alternatives

      Businesses and trade unions will consider ways to keep the Irish border open after Brexit. Read More   Source
      5 hours ago

      Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt divided over Brexit plans

      Boris Johnson says the UK must leave on 31 October but Jeremy Hunt calls this a “fake deadline”. Read More…
      8 hours ago

      Tory leadership: How are Tory hopefuls campaigning online?

      Twelve Tories are vying to be the next leader – but not all are using normal campaign methods. Read More…
      8 hours ago

      Worst animal cruelty cases to get higher jail terms

      Harsher terms proposed for people found guilty of organising dog fights or neglect of farm animals. Read More   Source
      9 hours ago

      Revenge porn: Government to review image-based sexual abuse law

      Campaigners have called for victims to have the same right to anonymity as other sexual offences. Read More   Source
      12 hours ago

      Boris Johnson: ‘I relax by making cardboard buses’

      Boris Johnson reveals what he does to relax and switch off. Read More   Source
      13 hours ago

      Birmingham LGBT school row: Labour MP makes emotional plea

      A clearly emotional Angela Eagle urges fellow MPs to take action over protests outside a Birmingham school at LGBT teaching.…
      14 hours ago

      How will the UK’s new PM be chosen?

      Theresa May is on her way out as the UK’s leader but what does it mean for the country? Read…
      14 hours ago

      Tory leadership candidates’ Brexit plans in a nutshell

      How will the remaining candidates get a deal through Parliament? And what happens if it’s voted down? Read More  …
      14 hours ago

      Brexit: John McDonnell warns Labour to must shift policy

      The shadow cabinet hasn’t shifted its position on Brexit despite devoting two meetings to the topic. Read More   Source
      15 hours ago

      Jeremy Hunt: Next PM ‘must be trustworthy to avoid no Brexit’

      The leadership hopeful says “personality” is key to delivering a better Brexit deal than Theresa May’s. Read More   Source
      15 hours ago

      Word for word: Hunt BBC interview

      The Tory leadership hopeful talks about trust, Brexit and the importance of the personality of the prime minister. Read More…
      15 hours ago

      Jeremy Hunt interview in full

      Jeremy Hunt tells the BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, he is the right person to lead the country. Read More…
      16 hours ago

      Birmingham LGBT school row: Parents’ reaction ‘bitter’

      Roger Godsiff is speaking in Parliament over the teaching of LGBT rights in primary schools. Read More   Source
      17 hours ago

      Boris Johnson: Tory leadership favourite in campaign media blitz

      After accusations of hiding away, the frontrunner embarks on a glut of interviews and appearances. Read More   Source
      18 hours ago

      Divorce laws: It’s time to end the blame game, says minister

      David Gauke says reforms will help less well-off couples and those with abusive partners in particular. Read More   Source
      18 hours ago

      Gordon Brown: Conservatives have ‘hijacked patriotism’

      Gordon Brown says the Tories have “hijacked patriotism” in their willingness to support a no-deal Brexit. Read More   Source
      19 hours ago

      What is ‘no-deal Brexit’?

      What people really mean when they talk about leaving the EU without a Brexit deal. Read More   Source
      20 hours ago

      Tory leadership: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt on Scotland

      Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt – what will the next prime minister mean for Scotland? Read More   Source
      20 hours ago

      Jeremy Kyle Show: MPs criticise ‘irresponsible’ ITV over lie detectors

      MPs accuse the makers of ITV’s axed Jeremy Kyle Show of being “irresponsible”. Read More   Source
      22 hours ago

      Baroness Blackwood faints in House of Lords

      The 39-year-old peer, who suffers from a rare genetic condition, says it was “no big deal”. Read More   Source
      22 hours ago

      Baroness Blackwood: Fainting in House of Lords ‘no big deal’

      Baroness Blackwood fainted at the despatch box when she was discussing the recent listeria outbreak. Read More   Source
      22 hours ago

      Brexit: Survival of UK in doubt, Gordon Brown warns

      The UK risks “unravelling” due to Brexit and the “narrow nationalism” of the Tories and SNP, ex-PM says. Read More…
      23 hours ago

      Tory leadership: Boris Johnson on Brexit and his character

      The leadership hopeful says he does “not talk about stuff involving my loved ones” because “it is not fair on…
      1 day ago

      Tory leadership candidates compared: Johnson v Hunt

      We take a look at the two Conservative MPs going head-to-head to become the next prime minister. Read More  …
      1 day ago

      Tory leadership race: Your views on leadership candidates’ debate

      How did the candidates for Conservative leader fare in the BBC’s Our Next Prime Minister debate? Read More   Source
      1 day ago

      Jeremy Hunt: I would spend £15bn more on defence

      The Tory leadership candidate says the move would show the UK was “ready to defend its interests”. Read More  …



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