3 mins ago

    Brexit: Hammond to warn Tories over no-deal ‘hijack’

    The chancellor claims a no-deal Brexit would cause harm and “hijack the result of the referendum”. Read More   Source
    3 hours ago

    Nigel Farage: Milkshake thrown at Brexit Party leader

    Video footage shows Nigel Farage having a milkshake thrown at him during a campaign walkabout. Read More   Source
    4 hours ago

    Brexit: Remainers are angry too, says Vince Cable

    The Lib Dem leader says young people feel their future was “taken away from them” by the Brexit vote. Read…
    6 hours ago

    Lord Heseltine loses Tory whip after endorsing the Lib Dems

    The Tory peer has been disciplined after saying he would back the Lib Dems in European elections. Read More  …
    7 hours ago

    #BBCAskThis: Ben Brown speaks to Vince Cable

    The Liberal Democrat leader answers questions sent in by BBC News viewers ahead of the European Parliamentary elections. Read More…
    7 hours ago

    #BBCAskThis: Joanna Gosling speaks to Ashley Fox

    During the European Parliamentary elections campaign the main UK parties will be interviewed on the BBC News Channel. Read More…
    7 hours ago

    Extend legal protections to Northern Ireland veterans, say MPs

    The Commons hears soldiers are “living in fear” as it debates a petition urging immunity from prosecution. Read More  …
    8 hours ago

    Who are the candidates?

    Check candidates standing in the UK in the 23 May European Election. Read More   Source
    8 hours ago

    Who could replace Theresa May?

    Conservatives are jostling to be the party’s next leader. Read More   Source
    9 hours ago

    European elections 2019: Views from centre of England

    What do people living in the village of Meriden think about the EU elections? Read More   Source
    9 hours ago

    NI secretary Karen Bradley accused of ‘delaying’ abuse compensation

    Frustration as Karen Bradley asks politicians 11 more questions about compensating abuse victims. Read More   Source
    9 hours ago

    European elections 2019: Greens targeting ‘squeamish’ Labour voters

    Caroline Lucas says her party’s anti-Brexit message will appeal to “progressive” voters on the left. Read More   Source
    10 hours ago

    Lord Heseltine defends decision to vote for Lib Dems

    The Tory peer, who is facing calls to be expelled, insists he is acting in the “national interest”. Read More…
    10 hours ago

    MP Jess Phillips in LGBT teaching row with protester

    Labour’s Jess Phillips tells the man he does not get to “pick and choose” equalities. Read More   Source
    11 hours ago

    Sajid Javid: New espionage bill will tackle threats

    Foreign spies could have to register their presence under a new bill, the home secretary says. Read More   Source
    11 hours ago

    European elections 2019: What are the rules on party funding?

    There are strict rules around party donations, but how do they work? Read More   Source
    11 hours ago

    Farage hit by milkshake during walkabout

    The Brexit Party leader had just given a short speech in Newcastle as part of a tour of the country.…
    12 hours ago

    The politics of a kitchen photo-op: Can MPs avoid a roasting?

    Housing Secretary James Brokenshire is facing a roasting after being pictured in front of his four ovens. Read More  …
    13 hours ago

    2019 European elections: What are we voting on?

    BBC Brussels correspondent Adam Fleming reminds us what we are actually voting on in the EU Elections Read More  …
    13 hours ago

    Eurovision: Is Brexit to blame for the UK’s latest Eurovision flop?

    Some put the UK’s last-place finish down to a Brexit backlash, but there are other factors at work. Read More…
    13 hours ago

    Embattled buses – ups and downs of an election staple

    As Change UK’s bus is criticised for its clunky styling, we look back at other political vehicles. Read More  …
    13 hours ago

    European elections 2019: Views of voters in Leeds

    Ahead of Thursday’s EU elections, some people are unsure about which party to support as the UK votes for MEPs.…
    13 hours ago

    Nigel Farage: Party funding claims ‘a disgusting smear’

    Ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for an investigation into The Brexit Party’s finances. Read More   Source
    14 hours ago

    Tory MPs launch rival campaign groups

    Members of the two groups will set out their future strategies for the Conservative Party. Read More   Source
    15 hours ago

    Week ahead at Holyrood: Parking tax proposals

    MSPs will discuss the workplace levy which could see motorists pay for parking at work. Read More   Source
    16 hours ago

    Brexit: Matt Hancock urges MPs to vote for bill

    The health secretary says they should support it in June’s vote and worry about the detail afterwards. Read More  …
    20 hours ago

    Brexit: New UK PM will not alter withdrawal deal – Coveney

    Ireland’s deputy prime minister says “the personality might change” but the Brexit deal will not. Read More   Source
    23 hours ago

    What the parties think about Brexit

    UK elections to the European Parliament are fast approaching – what are the parties’ policies? Read More   Source
    24 hours ago

    MPs to debate immunity for Northern Ireland veterans

    Tory MPs to call for action amid reports No 10 has blocked move to limit scope for prosecutions. Read More…
    1 day ago

    Gavin Williamson sacking: What is the Official Secrets Act?

    Gavin Williamson has been sacked for allegedly disclosing information. Read More   Source



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