2 hours ago

    Meng Wanzhou lawyers lay out ‘abuse of process’ claims, citing Trump, FBI, CBSA, RCMP

    Meng Wanzhou’s lawyers argue that remarks by U.S. President Donald Trump are “threatening in nature” and that the CBSA and…
    4 hours ago

    Trump says he had to ‘take China on,’ even if it meant hurting U.S. economy

    Donald Trump said this as the U.S. announced approval of the sale of Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan.…
    6 hours ago

    Unifor head tells union’s media members he hears concerns about Tory-bashing but won’t stop

    “We do not tell members how to vote but I will be speaking out against the Conservative Party,” Dias said.…
    8 hours ago

    Ethics committee to meet to decide whether to dig deeper into SNC-Lavalin report

    Conservatives and New Democrats pushed for the emergency meeting of the House of Commons ethics committee, where MPs will debate…
    9 hours ago

    ‘Maus’ creator axes Marvel essay, says company tried to sensor Trump reference

    In Art Spiegelman’s essay, written as an introduction to a new Marvel collection, one particular reference to the U.S. president…
    9 hours ago

    All federal party leaders invited to election debates to attend

    The CDPP, which includes Global News, will be hosting the debates at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Que.…
    9 hours ago

    Scheer pledges new tax credit, says it will make parental leave benefits ‘tax-free’

    The new plan comes after major changes to the parental leave program by the Liberals last year. Read More Source
    11 hours ago

    How Justice Canada’s ‘inaccurate and misleading’ impaired driving tweet sparked blame, confusion

    The Department of Justice put its social media plans around a new impaired driving law on hold following sharp backlash…
    11 hours ago

    Why Canadian politicians spar over so-called ‘facts’ — and how to keep track of the truth

    Ahead of October’s federal election, politicians have been disagreeing over facts on key policy issues. Read More Source
    13 hours ago

    Thousands detained in Kashmir amid communications blackout: police

    The latest crackdown began this month, just before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist-led government stripped Kashmir of its semi-autonomy.…
    13 hours ago

    ANALYSIS: For Trudeau and the Liberals, a tie in the polls is as good as a win

    Even though Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was found to have broken the Conflict of Interest Act (again), voter intention numbers…
    14 hours ago

    Migrants jump overboard rescue ship stranded off Italian coast in attempt to swim ashore

    The ship Open Arms, at sea for 19 days with almost 100 migrants onboard, has been waiting just off the…
    16 hours ago

    Edmonton-based former child refugee facing deportation to Somalia

    Supporters in Nova Scotia, who are expected to hold a news conference today, say 34-year-old Abdilahi Elmi fled Somalia as…
    16 hours ago

    Joe Biden to skip annual DNC summer meeting to campaign in New Hampshire

    Biden’s choice is partly a reflection of Democrats’ new rules that strip DNC members of their presidential nominating votes on…
    16 hours ago

    ‘Fundamentals’ of the U.S. economy are strong, White House says to quell recession fears

    Kellyanne Conway declared to reporters on Monday, “The fact is, the fundamentals of our economy are very strong.” Read More…
    18 hours ago

    Liberals, Tories essentially tied after damning SNC-Lavalin ethics report: Ipsos

    Ethics report that found Trudeau broke the rules is prompting little shift among voters. Read More Source
    1 day ago

    Trudeau pledges $1.2 billion for new tramway, expanded transit network in Quebec City

    In addition to the federal contribution, the Quebec government will invest $1.8 billion and the municipal government will contribute $300…
    1 day ago

    Elections Canada slammed after warning groups climate change may be ‘partisan’ issue

    “It’s not partisan to discuss the single greatest threat faced by humanity,” NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh tweeted on Monday. Read…
    1 day ago

    Green Leader Elizabeth May set for ‘major announcement’ with ousted former NDP MP

    Quebec MP Pierre Nantel was ejected from the NDP caucus on Friday over what the NDP called “confirmed reports” he…
    1 day ago

    Omar al-Bashir took millions from Saudi Arabia as Sudan president: court hearings

    He is charged with illicit possession of foreign currency and accepting gifts in an unofficial manner. Read More Source
    2 days ago

    Scheer requests RCMP probe on Trudeau’s SNC-Lavalin interference

    Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has sent another letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki. Read More Source
    2 days ago

    U.S. Reps Omar, Tlaib to host press conference after being denied entry to Israel

    Before Israel’s decision, Trump tweeted it would be a “show of weakness” to allow the two representatives in. Read More…
    2 days ago

    ANALYSIS: NB, P.E.I. most recent winners of Trudeau government pre-election spending

    Last week alone, the federal Liberals made 595 spending commitments worth a combined $4.9 billion. Read More Source
    2 days ago

    China lashes out at Taiwan for offering asylum to Hong Kong democracy protesters

    Taiwan lacks a formal legal mechanism for assessing and granting asylum requests, although it has granted residency to several vocal…
    2 days ago

    The West Block – Episode 50, Season 8

    Watch the full broadcast of The West Block from Sunday, August 4, 2019 with Mercedes Stephenson. Read More Source
    2 days ago

    Why can’t Trudeau say sorry for SNC-Lavalin? Legal, brand fears to blame: expert

    “The legal filter on that is certainly one factor,” says one crisis communications expert. Read More Source
    3 days ago

    Canada supports peaceful assembly, condemns violence in Hong Kong: Freeland

    There have been months of protests in the semi-autonomous region as some residents accuse the Communist Party-ruled Chinese government of…
    3 days ago

    Mayor of Dayton, where a mass shooting killed 9, gets hate after Trump remarks

    Donald Trump called a news conference that Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley held with Sen. Sherrod Brown a “fraud.” Read More…
    4 days ago

    Rashida Tlaib’s grandmother on Donald Trump: ‘May God ruin him’

    Rashida Tlaib’s grandmother Mufta said this while sitting under an olive tree in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Read More Source
    4 days ago

    The history of Canada’s ethics commissioner

    Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, introduced conflict of interest guidelines for federal cabinet ministers in 1973. Read More Source



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