2 mins ago

      Soft Brexit: What are the options?

      What are the Brexit options being debated in Parliament? Read More   Source
      32 mins ago

      From Farage to Batten: What happened to UKIP’s class of 2014?

      Since its European election triumph in 2014, UKIP has lost 20 of its 24 MEPs – where did they go?…
      1 hour ago

      Weary EU press say they’re appalled by Brexit deadlock

      There is harsh criticism and a sense of weariness over the UK parliament’s Brexit paralysis Read More   Source
      2 hours ago

      Conservative leadership: Javid and other contenders take to the stage

      It’s been going on for some time but the unofficial race to succeed Theresa May is now clearly under way.…
      2 hours ago

      Brexit Halloween deadline spooks Europe’s newspapers

      Halloween is in the headlines but it’s the fraying of EU unity that haunts many newspapers. Read More   Source
      2 hours ago

      Do petitions ever work?

      More than five million people have signed a petition against Brexit – but do petitions ever work? Read More  …
      2 hours ago

      European elections: How the UK is gearing up for likelihood of polls

      Theresa May says she doesn’t want them but the parties are preparing for polls in six weeks time. Read More…
      2 hours ago

      Euro elections 2019: Change UK’s Heidi Allen launches campaign

      Heidi Allen says 3,700 people offered to stand as candidates for Change UK in next month’s European Parliamentary elections. Read…
      3 hours ago

      False expense claim Tory MP Chris Davies fined £1,500

      Chris Davies has been ordered to complete 50 hours unpaid work after his conviction in March. Read More   Source
      3 hours ago

      Extinction Rebellion: Climate protesters march on Parliament

      Extinction Rebellion activists in London are inviting MPs to talk about environmental policies. Read More   Source
      4 hours ago

      Brexit: Can you have frictionless trade in a customs union?

      Sir Oliver Letwin hopes the UK can maintain frictionless trade through a customs union. Read More   Source
      5 hours ago

      Change UK to launch European election campaign

      The pro-Remain party that backs a second referendum prepares for European Parliamentary elections. Read More   Source
      7 hours ago

      Article 50: Can the UK revoke Brexit?

      The European Council President Donald Tusk has suggested that the UK could consider “cancelling Brexit”. How would this work? Read…
      7 hours ago

      Unhappiness with politics ‘at 15-year high’

      “Anti-democratic sentiments” are growing due to frustration at political process, Hansard Society says. Read More   Source
      8 hours ago

      Crossrail ‘could be delayed until 2021’

      The start date for London’s new Elizabeth Line could be pushed back again, sources tell the BBC. Read More  …
      8 hours ago

      Donald Trump ‘set for June state visit to UK’

      Buckingham Palace is expected to announce on Tuesday that the US president will visit in early June. Read More  …
      11 hours ago

      Brexit: Cross-party talks to resume

      The government will meet senior Labour Party figures in an attempt to solve the Brexit impasse. Read More   Source
      13 hours ago

      Brexit: What are the options now?

      None of MPs’ eight proposed Brexit options have secured clear backing in a series of votes in the Commons. Read…
      13 hours ago

      Local elections: What are they all about?

      Last year only one in three people used their vote. So what are the local elections all about? Read More…
      22 hours ago

      UK to introduce porn age-checks in July

      Sites that fail to comply will face being blocked by internet service providers. Read More   Source
      1 day ago

      European parliament given surprise musical performance

      An MEP performs on a harmonica for the last day of the current European Parliament. Read More   Source
      1 day ago

      Theresa May to face grassroots no-confidence challenge

      Conservative local associatons are calling for Theresa May to resign over her handling of Brexit. Read More   Source
      2 days ago

      Brexit: Labour must back another referendum – Tom Watson

      Labour’s deputy leader says the move would counter a challenge from Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party. Read More   Source
      3 days ago

      Theresa May says UK will stand up for religious freedom

      The PM uses her Easter message to say everyone has a right to “practise their faith in peace”. Read More…
      3 days ago

      EU struggles over law to tackle spread of terror online

      Law changes agreed by the European Parliament do not pass the “Christchurch test”, an official says. Read More   Source
      4 days ago

      Huge increase in Public Spaces Protection Order fines

      A lawyer fears some council wardens are “acting with incentives to issue as many fines as possible”. Read More  …
      4 days ago

      Hillingdon Council defends fines for public nuisances

      Hillingdon councillor David Simmonds “makes no apology” for the fines. Read More   Source
      5 days ago

      Brexit: Parties ‘testing ways’ to move forward

      David Lidington says the government and opposition are “testing ways” to move forward on acceptable future customs arrangements with the…
      5 days ago

      No-deal Brexit: What is the UK government doing to prepare?

      Operation Yellowhammer is the name of the government’s no-deal plan Read More   Source
      5 days ago

      EU weighs risks of going into extra time

      Theresa May’s Westminster battle over Brexit poses a dilemma for EU leaders this week. Read More   Source



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