1 hour ago

      Brexit: Change UK could form partnership with Lib Dems, Heidi Allen says

      Heidi Allen says she wants the two Remain parties to be “in the same vehicle”. Read More   Source
      4 hours ago

      MPs’ expenses: the legacy of a scandal

      Ten years on from the revelations and public outrage, was an opportunity to reform Parliament missed? Read More   Source
      4 hours ago

      Leadsom: I can reunite our country

      The former Commons Leader said she would be a “decisive and compassionate leader”. Read More   Source
      5 hours ago

      Philip Hammond: PM cannot ignore Parliament on no-deal Brexit

      Philip Hammond says Parliament voted “very clearly” to oppose a no-deal Brexit and a future PM must listen. Read More…
      6 hours ago

      Five new things about online campaigning

      In 2017, pro-Labour posts and memes were shared more widely on Facebook than Conservative messages. What has changed since then?…
      6 hours ago

      Ministers ‘must act’ on modern slavery

      A review of the Modern Slavery Act says laws must be strengthened and it makes 80 recommendations. Read More  …
      7 hours ago

      Gove: I’m ready to unite party

      Michael Gove has said he will enter the race for Tory leader, challenging his former Vote Leave ally Boris Johnson.…
      7 hours ago

      Dominic Raab: ‘Never speak ill of our fellow Conservative’

      Former cabinet member Dominic Raab has spoken to Andrew Marr about the Tory party leader position. Read More   Source
      7 hours ago

      Shami Chakrabarti ‘terrified’ by no-deal

      Shadow attorney general Baroness Shami Chakrabarti finds Dominic Raab’s proposals “terrifying”. Read More   Source
      7 hours ago

      European elections 2019: Expats fear postal votes will not count

      Some UK citizens living abroad have received their European election postal votes late – or not at all. Read More…
      8 hours ago

      Poverty in the UK is ‘systematic’ and ‘tragic’, says UN special rapporteur

      The UK’s social safety net has been “deliberately removed”, says a UN-commissioned report on the UK. Read More   Source
      15 hours ago

      Tory leadership: Gove will be eighth candidate to enter race

      Environment Secretary Michael Gove will be the eighth MP to enter the race to be Conservative leader. Read More  …
      22 hours ago

      Tory leadership: Dominic Raab enters race

      The former Brexit secretary is the latest MP to say he wants to succeed Theresa May. Read More   Source
      1 day ago

      Why Stewart won’t serve under rival

      Rory Stewart says he would not able to serve under Boris Johnson if his rival for the Conservative leadership becomes…
      1 day ago

      Local elections: 7 things you may have missed

      Beyond the headlines of misery for the UK’s two major parties, smaller plot twists have played out. Read More  …
      1 day ago

      Hancock would be ‘brutally honest’ about Brexit as PM

      Health Secretary Matt Hancock says he would be “brutally honest” about what it would take to get a Brexit deal…
      2 days ago

      Race to be new UK prime minister begins

      Four Conservative MPs have already said they want the job – with more expected to follow. Read More   Source
      2 days ago

      Ruth Davidson: May ‘has done the right thing’

      The Scottish Conservative leader has said Theresa May deserves thanks for her service. Read More   Source
      2 days ago

      Liberal Democrats start leadership contest

      Sir Vince Cable confirms he will hand over to his successor on 23 July. Read More   Source
      2 days ago

      European elections 2019: Change UK increases Facebook ad spend

      Change UK has spent more than £60,000 in the past week on the platform, while UKIP spent under £100. Read…
      2 days ago

      All you need to know about Brexit

      A guide to plans for the UK to leave the European Union. Read More   Source
      2 days ago

      David Cameron: ‘I feel desperately sorry for Theresa’

      David Cameron tells reporters Theresa May is “a dedicated public servant” after she announced her resignation. Read More   Source
      2 days ago

      Jeremy Corbyn: Theresa May has lost confidence of her own MPs

      Jeremy Corbyn says Theresa May was right to quit as she “cannot command a majority in Parliament”. Read More  …
      2 days ago

      PM’s exit has consequences for Brexit

      With Theresa May announcing her departure, both No Deal and No Brexit are both more likely. Read More   Source
      2 days ago

      Brexit: PM says MPs have ‘one last chance’ to back her deal

      Theresa May says MPs will get a vote on whether to hold another referendum if they back her bill. Read…
      2 days ago

      English councils ‘face £50bn funding black hole’

      A lobby group says councils could resort to providing the “bare minimum” because of rising costs. Read More   Source
      2 days ago

      MP calls for stronger job protection for mothers and pregnant women

      Conservative MP Maria Miller says government plans to extend safeguards do not go far enough. Read More   Source
      2 days ago

      European elections 2019: Love and hate in EU after economic rescues

      Enthusiasm for the EU is strong in Ireland, weak in Greece – yet both had huge EU bailouts. Read More…
      2 days ago

      Ken Clarke not standing for Conservative leadership

      Ken Clarke has stood for the Conservative leadership three times before but rules himself out of the next contest. Read…
      2 days ago

      Nigel Farage to be examined over £450,000 payment from Arron Banks

      The Brexit Party leader is referred to a European Parliament committee over the £450,000 sum. Read More   Source



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