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    WE Charity debate to dominate House of Commons, Tories push for anti-corruption committee

     Debate begins later Tuesday on the Conservatives’ push for an anticorruption committee the Liberals argue undermines Parliament. Read More Source
    4 hours ago

    ‘Please don’t paint my riding as racist,’ Nova Scotia MP says amid Mi’kmaq lobster debate

    The only Mi’kmaq politician sitting in Parliament, meanwhile, expressed optimism during the debate that lawmakers could reach a solution.  Read…
    7 hours ago

    Luis Arce claims victory in Bolivian presidential election as country shifts left

    The leading rival of Morales’s handpicked successor, Luis Arce, conceded defeat as did interim President Jeanine Anez, a bitter foe…
    7 hours ago

    Trump mulls offering companies favours for campaign funds ‘if I wanted to’

    Trump said “I don’t want to do that” because he would be “totally compromised.” Read More Source
    11 hours ago

    Next Trump, Biden debate will cut mics when rivals speak during certain sections

    The commission has faced pressure from the Trump campaign to avoid changing the rules, while Biden’s team was hoping for…
    13 hours ago

    Canada tops 200,000 cases of coronavirus

    A majority of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Canada come from Ontario and Quebec. Read More Source
    13 hours ago

    Canadian Civil Liberties Association appealing decision upholding N.L. travel ban

    The province’s travel ban restricted entry for non-residents unless they’d been granted a special exemption. Read More Source
    16 hours ago

    Trump rips Fauci as COVID-19 ‘disaster’ with a ‘bad arm’ for baseball

    Trump criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci as a ‘disaster’ and complained that it would be a ‘big bomb’ if he fired…
    17 hours ago

    PM believes Canada has ‘more tools’ than in first wave of COVID-19 to avoid a second shutdown

    Justin Trudeau says education around masks and social distancing is a means to avoid ‘lockdowns’ during a second wave. Read…
    19 hours ago

    EU launches system that will link national coronavirus tracing apps together

    Tracing apps have been developed to break contagion chains by alerting people if they’ve been near someone who has been…
    19 hours ago

    U.S. Supreme Court agrees to review 2 cases involving Trump border policies

    The justices will not hear either new case until 2021, and the outcome of the presidential election could make the…
    20 hours ago

    Brian Wilson denounces Beach Boys performance at Trump fundraiser: ‘We didn’t even know about it’

    Al Jardine, another member of the Beach Boys, joined Wilson, 77, in his condemnation of the performance. Read More Source
    21 hours ago

    Liberal ministers condemn ‘disgusting’ attacks on Mi’kmaq lobster fisheries

    Four cabinet ministers and the NDP have requested an emergency debate in the House of Commons over a treaty dispute…
    21 hours ago

    New changes to Employment Insurance will cost $7.7B, PBO predicts

    The Liberals had originally pegged the cost of modifying Employment Insurance at $7 billion. Read More Source
    1 day ago

    U.S. election: Biden, Trump go on the offensive across states they’re trying to flip

    Both candidates are trying to make inroads in states that could help secure a path to victory. Read More Source
    2 days ago

    Opposition parties promise to renew WE Charity investigation when Parliament resumes

    That is when the Tories have suggested they may ask Parliament to create a special committee to look into the…
    2 days ago

    Massive rally held in Halifax in support of Sipekne’katik harvesters, treaty rights

    About a thousand people rallied in Halifax’s Grand Parade on Sunday to support Mi’kmaq harvesters asserting their treaty rights on…
    2 days ago

    1,827 more diagnosed with coronavirus in Canada amid surges in parts of the country

    These numbers are incomplete as British Columbia, Alberta, Prince Edward Island and all three territories did not report updates over…
    2 days ago

    New Zealand has chosen its next prime minister — the outcome likely won’t surprise

    New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern made history Saturday, winning a second term as prime minister in an election landslide. Here’s a…
    2 days ago

    Blair defends RCMP’s handling of acts of violence in Nova Scotia despite criticism

    In an interview with The West Block’s Mercedes Stephenson, Blair said police have been “on scene right from the outset,”…
    2 days ago

    Twitter removes post from Trump coronavirus advisor Scott Atlas claiming masks don’t work

    In an email to Global News, a spokesperson for Twitter said the tweet was taken down for “violating our Covid Misinformation…
    2 days ago

    Sipekne’katik First Nation Chief Michael Sack to speak on lobster pound vandalism, moving forward

    Chief Michael Sack is expected to discuss this week’s vandalism, the lobster pound fire and next steps for the self-regulated…
    2 days ago

    Bellegarde says calm needed in lobster dispute ahead of work to define key right

    ‘Defining that moderate livelihood is the next big step going forward,’ said the Indigenous leader. Read More Source
    2 days ago

    New business rent relief program will address gap in promised funds, minister says

    Ng said the revamped rent subsidy wage was geared at preventing further permanent shut downs for businesses experiencing revenue loss…
    2 days ago

    Police lay arson charges in truck fire following a mob attack on Mi’kmaw fishers

    Police found a vehicle on fire during a riot outside of the West Pubnico lobster pound with several Mi’kmaw fishers…
    2 days ago

    Is Facebook ready for the U.S. presidential election?

    “This election is not going to be business as usual,” Zuckerberg wrote in a September Facebook post in which he…
    2 days ago

    Coronavirus: As Canadians huddled at home, feds found meagre support for green recovery plan

    Internal polling obtained by Global News was likely used to guide the Trudeau government through a politically turbulent summer’s end.…
    2 days ago

    O’Toole and Kenney sit side-by-side for UCP general meeting livestream with no masks

    O’Toole and Kenney elbow-bumped instead of shaking hands, but sat at a table only a couple of feet away from…
    3 days ago

    Trump campaign rolls out vote-by-mail ads after months of raising fraud concerns

    In June, Trump claimed — without providing proof — that ‘millions of mail-in ballots will be printed by foreign countries,…
    3 days ago

    U.S. election: Trump makes late appeal to Upper Midwest states in bid to regain lead

    Trump is facing headwinds not only in national polling, which shows Democrat Joe Biden leading, but also in battleground surveys.…


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