30 mins ago

    Don’t like any political party leaders? Here’s why you should still vote

    Experts say destroying the ballot isn’t very effective. Here’s what else you need to know. Read More Source
    1 hour ago

    Federal leaders hold rallies, boost candidates as election day nears

    The federal election campaign has reached a crescendo, with leaders giving it their all to try to excite their volunteers…
    12 hours ago

    Party leaders have forgotten issue of homelessness: Quebec homeless advocates

    The march, held simultaneously in 34 cities across Quebec, called on federal leaders to acknowledge homelessness is a major issue…
    12 hours ago

    Surge in Bloc Quebecois popularity ‘a little bit surprising,’ says Maxime Bernier

    “The rise of the Bloc Quebec is a little bit surprising,” the People’s Party leader said. “But if we look…
    13 hours ago

    Hillary Clinton email investigation finds 38 people violated rules

    The investigation determined that those 38 people were “culpable” in 91 cases of sending classified information that ended up in…
    13 hours ago

    Group looks to help anti-abortion advocates get jobs working for new MPs

    A group called RightNow has produced “a guide to advancing the pro-life movement as a political staffer” and is sending…
    14 hours ago

    Documents related to SNC-Lavalin affair must be preserved, Scheer tells bureaucrats

    The Conservative leader is reminding the clerk of the Privy Council that all records related to SNC-Lavalin, like other government…
    15 hours ago

    Scheer would stop CBSA cancelling arrest warrants for anyone facing deportation: Conservative Party

    “Cancelling warrants for those ordered deported is unacceptable and a Conservative government will fix this broken process,” said a Conservative…
    17 hours ago

    Ignored and Ignited: lack of discussion about defence ‘surprising and disappointing’

    Several Canadians told us that they don’t think the military is getting much attention during this election campaign. As it…
    18 hours ago

    Fired Burnaby Conservative candidate’s votes will still be tallied for CPC: Elections Canada

    The Conservatives say Heather Leung is no longer their candidate, but Elections Canada says votes for her will still be…
    18 hours ago

    ‘They don’t own your vote’: Singh pushes back on Liberal warnings about voting NDP

    NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh encouraged voters not to fall for what he says are Liberal scare tactics and instead cast…
    18 hours ago

    Singh suggests he could use Trans Mountain as bargaining chip if NDP plays minority kingmaker

    A party official said cancellation of the pipeline will be a key priority for the NDP no matter what. Read…
    19 hours ago

    Governments shouldn’t tell people what not to wear, Trudeau says on Bill 21

    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau still did not specifically say whether he thinks Quebec’s Bill 21 is discriminatory. Read More Source
    19 hours ago

    Greens would revamp trade relations to address climate change if elected

    In a release, the Green party said that increased international trade is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Read…
    19 hours ago

    Reality check: The Liberals and NDP haven’t proposed a GST hike

    The Tory leader is claiming a Liberal-NDP coalition would hike the GST to 7.5 per cent — although neither of…
    20 hours ago

    Halifax police practice of street checks is illegal, independent legal opinion finds

    “We have concluded that there is no power for the police to conduct street checks in HRM,” reads the report…
    21 hours ago

    COMMENTARY: How Justin Trudeau’s persona feeds the polarization he laments

    Justin Trudeau sees himself as a unifier, but Tasha Kheiriddin says he is one of the most polarizing figures in…
    21 hours ago

    Trudeau rejects ‘untrue’ claim by Tories that Liberals plan to hike GST

    The Tory leader is claiming the Liberals and NDP would hike the GST to 7.5 per cent — although neither…
    22 hours ago

    COMMENTARY: Jagmeet Singh’s surging popularity is a win for diverse communities

    Jagmeet Singh’s popularity is a silver lining in an election featuring offensive tweets, racism and anti-immigrant rhetoric, Amira Elghawaby says.…
    22 hours ago

    COMMENTARY: How Canadians may be a step ahead of politicians on electoral reform

    A surge in support for smaller parties shows the 2019 election could mark the beginning of a new form of…
    22 hours ago

    Federal election 2019: Here’s what you need to know to vote in B.C. on Election Day

    As voters head to the polls, here’s what the issues are in B.C. and where you can find results as…
    23 hours ago

    Trudeau B.C. civil court case from 1999 was over a ‘fender bender’: Liberal campaign

    Screenshots of the records began circulating on social media earlier this week. Read More Source
    23 hours ago

    Catalonia paralyzed by strikes, marches as protesters move toward Barcelona

    The effects were also felt in major tourism landmarks. Architect Antoni Gaudi’s modernist Sagrada Familia closed its doors due to…
    1 day ago

    COMMENTARY: Canada spends $22B a year on defence, but leaders spend little time discussing it

    It’s as if the parties’ thin defence platforms carry signs in invisible ink that say, ‘Not to be discussed,’ says…
    1 day ago

    Liberals vow to evaluate existing, future policies with disability lens if re-elected

    The Liberals released a disability equality statement earlier this week, a document that was not in their original platform. Read…
    1 day ago

    Trump impeachment inquiry: Highlights of the testimony so far

    The inquiry is looking into whether the U.S. President abused the power of his office to push the Ukrainian president…
    1 day ago

    Canada’s border agency ‘cancels’ arrest warrants for people it wants to deport but cannot find

    “In limited circumstances, an immigration warrant may be cancelled even if it cannot be confirmed that an individual has left…
    1 day ago

    Scheer returns to Quebec while Greens and NDP go head-to-head on West Coast

    Scheer will campaign alongside a candidate hoping to knock Maxime Bernier out of the House. Read More Source
    1 day ago

    Boris Johnson returns to London to secure support for new Brexit deal

    It is expected to be a knife-edge vote. Read More Source
    1 day ago

    How Trevor died: Why prison offers a ‘golden opportunity’ to help solve the opioid crisis

    Canadians who want to address the opioid crisis should pay attention to what’s happening in our prisons, says one expert.…



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