10 hours ago

    ‘We will protect you,’ U.S. senators say after passing anti-Asian hate crimes bill

    The measure would expedite the review of hate crimes and provide support for local law enforcement in response to thousands…
    13 hours ago

    Ottawa, Mi’kmaq community on collision course over plan for second lobster season

    DFO said today that enforcement officers will be in place in St. Mary’s Bay to “uphold the Fisheries Act” if…
    14 hours ago

    Canada has upped its emissions reductions target. How do we achieve it?

    Canada is upping the ante with a new, higher emissions reductions goal – but there are few details on how…
    15 hours ago

    Talc poses health risk in forms like baby powder, bath bombs: Health Canada

    While some forms of talc do not pose a risk, other popular uses like bubble baths, baby powder and bath…
    17 hours ago

    Maj. Kellie Brennan set to testify on military misconduct as probe continues

    Brennan is one of the women at the heart of allegations first reported by Global News in February about former…
    18 hours ago

    COMMENTARY: COMMENTARY: British Columbia’s ‘war in the woods’ is flaring up again

    Anti-logging protestors in B.C. are facing some criticism from a surprising source, Mike Smyth says. Read More Source
    20 hours ago

    No clear reason for Russian escalation in Ukraine — but it will test Biden, experts say

    Joe Biden called Russian leader Vladimir Putin a ‘killer’ in mid-March. Read More Source
    24 hours ago

    Trudeau to announce Canada’s new greenhouse gas emissions targets by 2030

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to announce Thursday what Canada’s new targets will be for reducing greenhouse gas emissions…
    1 day ago

    Biden pushes for momentum on climate change action ahead of virtual summit

    The U.S. is looking to its allies, such as Japan and Canada, to announce their own intensified climate efforts. Read…
    1 day ago

    Ex-senior Trudeau advisor expected to testify Friday in military misconduct probe

    Elder Marques was a senior advisor to the prime minister in 2018 when an allegation was made against Gen. Jonathan…
    1 day ago

    IN HER WORDS: The woman behind 2018 Vance allegation tells her story

    The woman who shared an allegation of inappropriate behaviour by Gen. Jonathan Vance with the military ombudsman in 2018 says…
    2 days ago

    Bloc MP apologizes for taking photo of Liberal MP caught naked during video call

    Liberal MP William Amos was caught nude during a virtual meeting of Parliament last week. Read More Source
    2 days ago

    Ralph Goodale named as Canada’s new high commissioner to U.K. amid Brexit tensions

    Old sectarian tensions and violence are flaring once more in Northern Ireland over trade restrictions in the Irish Sea resulting…
    2 days ago

    COVID-19 travel restrictions are impacting immigration into Canada. Here’s one man’s story

    Due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some immigrants are unable to live and work in Canada despite…
    2 days ago

    Biden says Chauvin verdict a ‘step forward,’ but adds America ‘can’t stop here’

    ‘This can be a moment of significant change,’ Joe Biden said of the guilty verdict in the trial of the…
    3 days ago

    Russia rejects West’s criticism of move closing foreign naval ships off from Crimea

    Ukraine last week protested the Russian move to close broad areas of the Black Sea near Crimea to foreign navy…
    3 days ago

    Quebec court upholds most of province’s secularism law

    Quebec’s Superior Court will announce a decision in cases that challenged Bill 21 in a trial held at the end…
    3 days ago

    The federal budget was tabled. Now opposition parties are going to propose rewrites 

    Opposition parties will get a chance Tuesday to propose a rewrite to the federal government’s massive pandemic budget. Read More…
    3 days ago

    Yukon Liberals seek to form minority government after losing final seat to NDP by draw

    Liberal Leader Sandy Silver says he is ready to form the territory’s next government despite tying with the Yukon Party…
    3 days ago

    Canada budget 2021 sees Liberals top up long-term plan for affordable housing

    Part of Canada’s budget will go to the construction of 4,500 new units under the Rapid Housing Initiative, which seeks…
    4 days ago

    Canada’s federal budget promises over $75M to help fight sexual misconduct in military

    Canada’s federal budget also sets aside money for upgrades to North America’s NORAD defensive system with the U.S., as well…
    4 days ago

    Budget 2021: Liberals pledge near $17B to promote green recovery in Canada after COVID-19

    The new Canada budget includes nearly $17 billion to promote a “green” recovery out of the COVID-19 pandemic and create…
    4 days ago

    Budget 2021: What’s missing as feds say no to new GST hike, universal basic income

    The federal government tabled its first budget in over two years on Monday — and while it announced many new…
    4 days ago

    How the federal budget affects your pocketbook: benefits, taxes and a $15 minimum wage

    Here’s a look at how the latest federal budget could impact your finances. Read More Source
    4 days ago

    Liberals pledge $18B for Indigenous communities in 2021 federal budget

    The budget pledges to provide Indigenous communities with an additional $1.2 billion this fiscal year to support their response to…
    4 days ago

    150K Russian troops estimated near Ukraine’s borders, European Union says

    Ukrainian Defence Minister Andriy Taran said the country had 110,000 troops ready. Read More Source
    5 days ago

    Republican presidential hopefuls move forward as Trump considers 2024 run

    Mike Pompeo has launched an aggressive schedule, visiting states that will play a pivotal role in the 2024 primaries, and…
    5 days ago

    O’Toole urges need to get spending ‘back under control’ ahead of federal budget

    The federal Liberals are poised to present their first budget in more than two years on Monday as the country…
    5 days ago

    Atlantic premiers consider reallocating COVID-19 resources to hard-hit Ontario

    Three out of four provincial leaders spoke to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday evening to discuss what help can…
    5 days ago

    COMMENTARY: Federal budget amid COVID-19 crisis will ‘set the agenda’ for next election

    We have had a year of disruption and if a vote were held today people may well lean to the…


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