3 hours ago

    Settlement agreement reached in veterans’ class-action lawsuit against Quebec, federal governments

    William (Wolf) Solkin was ecstatic about a settlement in the class-action lawsuit he launched against the provincial and federal governments.…
    5 hours ago

    Fed’s navy, shipbuilding plan delayed by mismanagement: Auditor general

    Karen Hogan’s warning was contained in a new report that offers a scathing assessment of Ottawa’s multibillion-dollar national shipbuilding strategy.…
    7 hours ago

    Canadian military facing ‘crisis’ amid probes into top leaders: experts

    Chief of Defence Staff Adm. Art McDonald stepped aside after a military police probe opened on Wednesday, while Gen. Jonathan…
    22 hours ago

    Canada’s chief of defence staff to step aside amid CFNIS investigation: defence minister

    Sajjan said he has appointed Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre as Acting Chief of the Defence staff. Read More Source
    23 hours ago

    U.S. Capitol Police were warned of violence ahead of riot, chief says

    A day earlier, her predecessor as chief testified that police expected an enraged but more typical protest crowd of Donald Trump supporters.…
    1 day ago

    Preliminary numbers suggest low voter turnout in Newfoundland and Labrador election

    Elections Newfoundland and Labrador estimates about 120,000 people contacted them through phone, fax, email and an online portal to request…
    1 day ago

    Former senior military leaders express ‘deep concerns’ after Vance allegations

    Former chief of defence staff Gen. Jonathan Vance is facing allegations of inappropriate behaviour with two female subordinates, including while…
    1 day ago

    Anand won’t say whether Canada waived right to sue over vaccine delays

    More fulsome details of the European Union’s contract with AstraZeneca show that the bloc waived the right to sue if…
    1 day ago

    PBO’s latest estimate says warships will cost $77B as estimated price jumps $17B

    Parliamentary budget officer Yves Giroux’s latest estimate is $17 billion more than the government’s stated price for the 15 warships.…
    1 day ago

    Jordan’s Principle order may cost feds $15B in compensation, PBO says

    Indigenous children that were denied or delayed in essential healthcare services will be compensated and could cost the federal government…
    2 days ago

    ‘Human beings are not bartering chips’: Biden calls for China to release 2 Michaels

    Speaking in French, Trudeau thanked Biden for his support in calling for the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.…
    2 days ago

    Plante administration blocks motion demanding police body cameras in Montreal until next month

    During their monthly city council meeting, opposition politicians demanded officers be equipped with cameras immediately. Read More Source
    2 days ago

    Treasury Board President Jean-Yves Duclos to step aside due to illness

    In a statement, Duclos said he went to hospital on Sunday and was told he had a pulmonary embolism. Read…
    3 days ago

    Desmond inquiry: hearings shift focus to federal involvement in tragic deaths

    During the first phase of the provincial fatality inquiry, which started last year, the hearings focused on the involvement of…
    3 days ago

    ANALYSIS: Trudeau-Biden meeting part of the reset of U.S. foreign relations

    The 90-minute Tudeau-BIden mini-summit is the first big chance for the U.S. show its foreign relations will be more peaceful…
    3 days ago

    Iain Rankin to be sworn in as 29th premier of Nova Scotia

    The 37-year-old was chosen as Liberal party leader at a virtual convention in Halifax Feb. 6. Read More Source
    3 days ago

    Trudeau, Biden likely to talk Buy American, China in 1st bilateral meeting today

    Experts want Ottawa to push hard for a Canadian exemption from plans to prioritize U.S. businesses for federal infrastructure and…
    3 days ago

    Indigenous Services Canada accused of dysfunction by Montreal-area woman

    A woman who says she’s been trying to get official Indigenous status for decades is fed up with how Indigenous…
    3 days ago

    Military probe into Vance allegations expands to ‘unprecedented’ levels

    The probe’s expansion comes as a result of Global News’ reporting on Sunday, which saw Maj. Kellie Brennan, one of…
    3 days ago

    Parliamentary committee condemns ‘dangerous’ language of firearms group

    A Liberal MP said the rhetoric used by the president of the National Firearms Association was “dangerous” – and a…
    3 days ago

    Commercial fishers seek intervener status in lawsuit over Indigenous fishing rights

    The Mi’kmaq say provincial regulations limiting the purchase of fish products harvested outside the federally regulated fishing season infringe on…
    3 days ago

    Committee probing Vance allegations agrees to summon former military ombudsman

    Two government sources have told Global News that Gary Walbourne raised concerns about Gen. Jonathan Vance to Defence Minister Harjit…
    3 days ago

    Trudeau gov. grilled over construction firms hired for First Nations infrastructure projects

    “Why is he continuing to perpetuate this policy of incompetence, negligence and the basic denial of human rights to First…
    4 days ago

    Following Vance allegations, feds urged to monitor military’s handling of sexual misconduct

    Experts like MacKenzie say there is a pattern of failure to stop sexual misconduct in the ranks that ultimately leaves…
    4 days ago

    The West Block — Episode 22, Season 10

    Watch the full episode of The West Block on Sunday, February 21, 2021. Read More Source
    4 days ago

    ‘Emergency’: How a winter storm and power outages plunged Texas into crisis

    The state’s Republican leadership was blamed for ignoring extreme weather warnings and for not providing local officials with enough information…
    4 days ago

    IN HER WORDS: One of the women behind Vance allegations tells her story

    Gen. Jonathan Vance denies the allegations of inappropriate behaviour and says he has been a “champion” and “friend” to Maj.…
    5 days ago

    Firearms group to face censure as it ramps up anti-Liberal ad campaign

    MPs will be asked Monday to consider taking action against the National Firearms Assocation even as the NFA readies an…
    5 days ago

    China’s ambassador to Canada denounces pending MP vote to declare Uighur genocide

    Cong Peiwu, the Chinese ambassador to Canada, reiterated his government’s view that there is no mistreatment of Uighurs. Read More…
    5 days ago

    Trump planning to return to political spotlight with CPAC address: source

    Trump plans to speak to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, on Feb. 28. Read More Source


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